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wildhellblue's Journal

14 June
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I LOVE TO READ AND I HAVE NO SHAME IN IT!! I read Manga, Novels, Fiction, Supernatural and Fanfiction. I love it all and will read my life away because it's just how I am. I am smart but not that smart that if you ask me something that I will know the answer. I live with my grandmother since I was four, my mother passed away with breast cancer so I am a avid supporter for the runs when they start in my community. My grandfather just passed away from prostate cancer aned four strokes so you can guess what I support. I love my life and my family it just doesn't mean that I want to be around them all the time. "Let the heart grow fonder" while away and this applies with my family and certain "FRIENDS". Don't think I'm mean because I'm HONEST it's just me.
anime, childhood movies., disney movies, fiction books, manga, supernatral things